General Terms and Conditions

Memento B&B (hereafter hotel) is owned by Entertainment d.o.o. (Obala 114 a, 6320 Portorož) rents accommodation in accordance with its General Terms and Conditions.


A confirmed reservation is a commitment, a contract between the hotel and the guest, the provisions of which both must respect.

Renting an accommodation unit includes: rent of selected accommodation – room or apartment per night; use of bed linen; use of towels; free use of storage space; free Wi-Fi; VAT, registration.

The hotel tries to take into account the customer’s additional wishes when booking accommodation.

The hotel is obliged to have the rooms that the guest booked ready and to implement the agreed services. The guest undertakes to pay the agreed price for the services he/she will use. The customer has no right to additional services that were not promised or which are not in the offer.

Guest check-in/check-out

Check in

When checking into the hotel, you must present a valid identification document (passport, identity card, driving test…). The documents must be valid at the time of the guest’s arrival and departure from the hotel. Every person staying at the hotel must have a valid document. If the person is not of legal age, the person responsible for him must take care of this.

The overnight stay of persons who are not registered in the hotel is prohibited.

The reserved accommodation unit is available to the guest between 14:00 and 18:00, or until 19:00 in summer time, on the day of arrival.

On the basis of prior agreement and at the discretion of the employees, guests may be allowed to check in early.

The reception is available for any additional information.

Check out

On the day of departure, the customer must leave the room by 11 a.m., hand in the key at the reception and settle the cost of the stay.

If the customer exceeds the departure time and leaves before 1 p.m., the hotel may request an additional payment. On the basis of prior agreement and at the discretion of the employees, guests may be allowed a late check-out.

If the costs are not paid in full upon check-out, we will charge your credit card and inform you about this by e-mail or through the channel through which you made the reservation.


Breakfast in the hotel’s outdoor unit is available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Snacks, hot drinks, juices, fruit and nuts are available in the hotel dining room from 7:30 a.m. throughout the day.

If the need for breakfast before 8 o’clock is expressed, this is only a matter of prior agreement.


Hotel guests park in the garage. There is a Fotnaže garage or Amphora and Arze garage house. Parking is chargeable. Owners/customers are responsible for their own cars, motorbikes and other means of transport and the things they leave in them. We are not responsible for loss or damage.

Extra bed and children

The maximum number of persons in the hotel is equal to the number of beds. An additional person is not allowed in the room, except for children up to the age of 2 who sleep together with their parents in a double bed. It is not possible to place additional beds in the rooms.

A baby cot is available for use by prior agreement with the reception.

Children are always welcome in the hotel. They can only stay in an accommodation unit together with an adult, the exception being families, groups booking several accommodation units at the same time.

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet are desired in the hotel between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Order and cleanliness of the hotel and accommodation units

Guests are obliged to take care of order and cleanliness in the hotel and in their accommodation unit.

Accommodation units are cleaned daily. We take care of the basic cleanliness of the room and bathroom. As long as the guests’ belongings are on the floor, we do not move them or clean them, we only clean the unit to the extent possible.

Bed linen is changed during the course of one reservation, as long as the reservation is at least 4 nights long. If the guest wants to change towels more often, please inform the reception. In any case, we ask our guests to behave ecologically, because by reducing the consumption of water and cleaning agents, we reduce the costs of the environment and take care of nature.


Smoking is not allowed in any area of ​​the hotel. Smoking is allowed on the balconies or outside areas of the hotel. In rooms where there are no balconies, smoking (e.g. on the windows) is strictly prohibited. The hotel has the right to charge an additional amount to cover the costs of cleaning, refreshing and airing the room. In addition to the mentioned amount, any damage will be additionally charged, and the hotel has the right to dismiss the guest early. In case of intervention by the fire department due to smoking, the guest is obliged to pay all costs incurred in this regard.

House pets

Pets are not allowed in the hotel, or we can make an exception by agreement with the reception.


For the safety of all persons and belongings, guests are obliged to lock the room doors every time they arrive and leave the hotel, as this reduces the possibility of theft.

The entrance door to the hotel can be opened with a code, which is changed monthly, or with an RFID pendant, which the guest receives upon check-in at the hotel.

The following are not allowed in the accommodation: carrying liquid substances that tend to catch fire or explode, not substances with a strong and unpleasant smell and the like; washing and ironing.

Limitation of liability and damages

The hotel guarantees its contractual obligations with the diligence of an honest trader. The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage to guests’ property or personal injuries that occur in any way during their stay at the hotel (except for personal injuries to guests that are directly caused by the company’s gross negligence). The total compensation liability of the company does not exceed the reservation value.

Nothing in the Agreement or any other document related to it shall exclude liability for death or personal injury arising from the Company’s gross negligence or liability for fraud or misrepresentation.

The hotel is under video surveillance.

If there is a disturbance or damage to the hotel service, the hotel will do its best to eliminate it as soon as possible, and the guest is obliged to contribute to the elimination of the disturbance or that the damage is as small as possible.

If the guest causes damage anywhere in the hotel or in its external area, he is fully responsible for it, and the hotel declines any responsibility for the damage that the guest may suffer in such a case.

In case of violations of the house rules or causing damage, the hotel allows itself to take the measure of banning entry, removal of guests from the hotel premises and compensation for the damage caused.

The hotel reserves the right and the guest authorizes it to charge their credit or payment card for possible damage or theft of items.

Cancellation terms

The hotel’s right to cancel the reservation

Exceptionally, the hotel may also withdraw from the contract for a legitimate reason (e.g. due to force majeure or other circumstances (emergency situations, necessity of closing the hotel) for which the hotel is not responsible, or due to misleading or incorrect material information provided to it provided by the customer) or in case of inappropriate behavior of the future guest. Payment or non-payment of notice in emergency situations is subject to agreements and laws during times of force majeure.

The hotel has the right to change the reservation: if urgent, unpredictable repairs are needed in the reserved accommodation unit, which prevent the normal and safe use of the unit; if there has been a double reservation of the same unit; in this case, the hotel is obliged to allow the guest to stay in an equivalent unit, but if this is not possible, it can accommodate him in a more affordable unit free of charge or in a more affordable unit, by reimbursing the difference in the price of the units; if it is not possible to exchange the units, the hotel will make every effort to find equivalent accommodation free of charge in the area, or reimburse the reservation costs in full.

The means of payment are: cash; debit or credit card (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard) transfer to the company’s transaction account (Nova KBM d.d., IBANSI56 0400 1004 8882 84)

All prices listed on this page are in Euros (EUR) and include value added tax (VAT), unless expressly stated otherwise. The tourist tax is an additional payment item that depends on the actual number of persons and overnight stays, and is therefore not included in the price of the overnight stay.

On the day of check-out, the tourist tax and additional costs incurred during the stay at the hotel must be charged. Additional costs are the result of the use of additional services provided by the hotel, or as a result of the resulting damage. Upon check-out from the hotel, all outstanding charges must be paid in full.

Mandatory additional payments: tourist tax: the price of the tax is the prescribed municipal tax, the amount of which is adjusted annually; adults pay the full prescribed amount and children from 7-18 pay half the amount; the tax is charged upon check-out from the hotel; late departure: 30 euros; undeclared persons, sleeping and decomposing or non-observance of house rules – 150 euros.

Optional additional payments: wine rack – used products according to the presented price list; caused damage, the value of which is estimated by the owner based on the purchase price, assembly and transport costs, and indirectly caused damage caused by the inability to use the accommodation, part of the accommodation or services for other guests.

Final Provisions

Slovenian legislation applies to these general conditions. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the real court in Koper has jurisdiction over all disputes.

These general conditions apply to all contracts concluded from the date of publication on the website